Areas of Expertise

LINDEN provides access to its laboratory facilities to start up´s and traditional companies in Santa Catarina State to support their development by using products and solutions in nanotechnology.

  • Nanostructures applied in cosmetics and drugs
  • High performance nanoparticules in diagnosing medical treatment 
  • Functionalization of nanofibers with embedded anti-quorum sensing compounds to improve bactericide performance 
  • Surface functionalization to enhance performance of materials
  • Non leaching biocides
  • Nanodevices to collect and store solar energy
  • Nanostructures applied to enhance perfomance in odontological products  (nanostructured coated surfaces)
  • Development of controlled release drugs in specific tissue
  • Development of nanomaterials and nanocomposites toward energy and photonics
  • Nanotechnology to inspire entrepreneurship and innovation in Santa Catarina State