Areas of Expertise

LINDEN develops nanotechnology research aimed at startups located in Santa Catarina, companies developing nanotechnology and traditional companies using nanotechnology products and solutions.

Its areas of expertise are:

  • Nanostructures applied to cosmetics and drugs
  • Smart nanoparticles in medical diagnosis and treatment 
  • Nanofibers and functionalized special tissues
  • Surface functionalization to enhance materials performance
  • Non-leaching biocides
  • Nanodevices for collection and storage of solar energy
  • Nanostructures applied to performance enhancement in dental products  (treatment of nanostructured surfaces)
  • Development of controlled-release devices and other devices in specific tissues of drugs/active ingredients
  • Nanotechnology for energy
  • Nanotechnology for health (bio-nanotechnology)
  • Nanotechnology for photonics
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanotechnology for entrepreneurship