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The UFSC Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Development of Nanoestructures (LINDEN/UFSC) an Associated Laboratory of the National System of the Nanotechnology Laboratories – SisNANO wich was estabilished by Brazil´s Ministry of Science, Technology and Inovation – MCTI.

The LINDEN management activities and services are working in the Chemistry Department, in the campus Trindade at the Federal University of  Santa Catarina – UFSC . The researches will be developed in the Associated Laboratories specialized in nanotechnology.

As of today, UFSC has more than 20 research groups specialized in nanotechnology, with 12 of these laboratories being associated to LINDEN and working in collaboration with companies from various sectors of the economy such as cosmetics, pharmaceutics, ceramic, health, metal – mechanic and paints oil and gas.

1.   Transparency;
2.  Agility in client treatment;
3.  Unstoppable search for innovation.

Aiming at: Providing answers to scientific and technical challenges of industrial relevance via nanotechnology and engaging in productive and positive relationships industry, academia and government

Prof. Dachamir Hotza, Dr.-Ing. – President of the Management Committe
 Prof. César Franco, Ph.D. – Vice-President of the Management Committe
+55 (48) 3721-2518 +55 (48) 3721-3610
Email: d.hotza@ufsc.br Email: cesar.franco@ufsc.br

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