Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Nanoestructures Development – LINDEN

The UFSC Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Development of Nanoestructures (LINDEN/UFSC) is part of the Associated Laboratory of the National System of the Nanotechnology Laboratories – SisNANO wich is based in the Normativa nº 2 de June 15 2012 and was  established  in Portaria MCTI nº 245, may 5 2012.

Initially the management activities and the LINDEN service will take place in the Central Laboratory of Eletronic Microscopy (LCME) and the researchs will be developed in the Associated Laboratories UFSC specialized in nanotechnology.

LINDEN will have the central location at the UFSC campus, occupying two floors in the Multidisciplinary Institute of Surface Engineering (IMES), with an area of 1024 m² which is in building process. Them LINDEN Associated Laboratories are situated at the UFSC campus in the participant Departments or Centers, or in areas that will be built for this purpose.


Director: Prof. Dr. Cesar Franco

+55 (48) 3721-3610


Vice-director: Prof. Dr. Andre Pasa

+55 (48) 3721-2303